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The introduction of Batthyány Kázmér Grammar School Nyomtatás
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sulilogo5 The introduction of Batthyány Kázmér Grammar School, Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary



Hungarian secondary schools fall into three categories: Secondary Grammar, Secondary Technical and Vocational schools. Our school, called Batthyány Kázmér Grammar School, belongs to the first and the most competitive category. Its history dates back to 1990. Although earlier it used to have secondary technical classes as well, since 2001 it has been a pure-profile grammar school. Since August 2006, our headmaster has been László Gelencsér.

The school is situated in the small town of Szigetszentmiklós, 12 km south of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The talented and highly-motivated children of the local community and the nearby settlements come to our institution with the expectation to be prepared successfully for their higher education and future careers. We have eight-year classes with students from 10 to 18, and four-year classes with students from 14 to 18. The total number of students is about 600.

In both systems the emphasis is on foreign language acquisition and IT education. To accomplish these goals our work is based on a unique programme of instruction. Our school offers a choice between learning English, German or French in a high number of classes, but it is also possible to acquire Latin and Russian. As far as the IT instruction is concerned, our colleagues help the obtainment of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). Our school is also an ECDL exam centre.

Another unique feature of our instructional system is that our students who wish to take advanced level matura exams and/or university entrance exams may attend additional lessons in the given subjects from the tenth grade as opposed to the national „routine” which offers this extra help only from the eleventh grade up.

The concept behind our special „home exam” system, which compels our students to sit for different subject exams at the end of each year during their secondary school studies, is to make the children familiar with and accustomed to the pressure and requirements of testing situations, thus training them to become „good examinees”. When they are to sit for the much more serious exams at the end of the twelfth grade, they prove to be more confident and successful examinees compared to their contemporaries.

In the frame of environmental awareness raising, which is still a burning issue in present-day Hungary, we organize wastepaper-collecting competitions, practise selective waste collection, and take the fifth and eighth graders to „forest schools” where they learn a lot about our natural environment and about how they can help save and preserve it.

The financial backround to this successful professional work is provided by the school’s two funds. One, called School Invest, was called into existence to primarily support foreign language exchange programmes. It also helps the functioning of our foreign language exam venue in English, German and French language. The other, called Key to the Future Fund, offers the financial background to the advanced-level additional classes and miscellaneous recreational activities organized for our students.

Our foreign exchanges

We are proud to have kept up partnerships with several Austrian and German schools in Regensburg, Gmunden, Cham and Stuttgart, and with one Italian school in Rome. The language of these connections was German. In the past 10 years we have had English-language student exchanges with Danish, Greek, Portuguese and Finnish schools. Currently we are running an exchange with a Polish school. Also, we organize a ten-day study visit to the United Kingdom for our students nearly every school year. Our French partner school is situated in Liévin, France.
Our grammar school has taken part in several EU-SOCRATES projects (COMENIUS and LINGUA programmes), and has co-operated with 9 European countries in German and French languages. We have long desired for participating in English-language programmes too.


The school’s homepage (www.bkgsz.hu) offers current news and information besides useful supplementary material and photos, documents from the history of the institution. So far we have issued two year-books, and we regularly publish a school calendar with photos of our school life.


Our instructional and pedagogical work is supported by a 26 000-volume library and over 200 other data sources (video and audio cassettes, CDs).
We are proud to have a successful school choir, and a few student music bands.
We have built up the tradition of some quality cultural events including the so-called Arts Night, the Ribbon Ceremony, Kázmér Ball, Batthyány Kázmér Academic Days – with the precious participation of university lecturers, scientists, sportsmen and artists – and the grand school-year-closing concert. The children who are drawn towards journalism produce our school magazine.


The 5th, 6th graders get swimming instruction, one of our Physical Education teachers qualified in hygienical gymnastics gives special classes to the students in need. Among our mass sporting events, I must mention volleyball, basketball and football. Most members of the successful local Fencing Club come from our school. We organize two skiing vacations in winter, and hiking and cycling tours in summer.

Our address

Batthyány Kázmér Gimnázium
2310 Szigetszentmiklós
Csokonai u. 6-14.

Tel.: 00 36 24 468 200
Fax.: 00 36 24 468 496
E-mail: iskola @ bkgsz.hu
Internet: www.bkgsz.hu

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